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Web Development Course

PHP Basic

'PHP & MySql' is the one of mostly used tool to make a dynamic websites. A tremendous work opportunity is available for a PHP & MySql expert. By conducting "Basic PHP & MySql" course one will achieve all the required skill to develop a basic dynamic web application. Course will be concluded by developing a complete web application as a project.

  • PHP Introduction
  • MySQL Introduction
  • PHP Syntax
  • PHP Variables
  • PHP Installation
  • Database Structure
  • Data Type
  • MySQL Connect
  • MySQL Select
  • PHP Variables
  • PHP String
  • PHP Operators
  • PHP If...Else
  • PHP Switch
  • PHP While Loops
  • PHP For Loops
  • PHP Functions
  • PHP Forms
  • PHP $_GET
  • PHP $_POST
  • PHP Include
  • PHP Array
  • PHP File Upload
  • PHP Sessions
  • PHP String
  • HP Date and Time
  • PHP mail() Function
  • PHP Advanced

    PHP Language Concepts: Scope, Globals, working with Files, Advanced Variable Usage / Array Manipulation and References.
    Configuring PHP: PHP.INI configuration considerations.
    Regular Expressions: Using Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions in PHP applications.
    PHP and OOP Concepts: Principles of Object Oriented Programming and Design, Access Modifiers, Abstract Classes, Interfaces, Namespaces and more.
    Building Applications: Debugging, Security and Validation.
    PHP Web Fundamentals: Server Communication, Sessions & Cookies, Working with Forms and Form Validation, Email, HTTP Headers, Buffers & Caches.
    PHP Database Basics: Introduction to manipulating database contents using PHP; PDO.
    PHP Application Essentials: Best Approaches to Creating Applications; Course project.